Shantung in Trouble

treebobFebruary 13, 2013

Hi, this is my 2nd post. Since this was posted in what seems to be a dead thread, please excuse my repost as a new topic. I love my trees and this one may be in trouble. My Shantung Maple is not growing since the North Dallas drought the summer before last (summer of 2011). The tree was bought from a nursery in Gunter about 4 years ago and it was growing the first 2 to 3 years. It is about 12' high with the base maybe 6 or 7 inches in diameter. The tree is planted in heavy clay. There is a 10' red tip photina about 12 to 15 feet away. It is planted on the S side (backyard) side of the house bounded by the service alley (10' away), driveway (10') and the yard has little grass near the tree. Some expert guy told me his survived in sand with no irrigation during the drought so I figured I over-watered. Since then I removed the mulch and the soil is bare within the drip line. I'd guess there are 20 to 30 branches (highests branches) with the top 6 inches having no leaves since the drought, only leaf sprouts (or whatever they are called). I will examine more closely and maybe post a photo. Any help is welcome and sorry for such a long post. This uploaded pic is from August during the drought. I have scores of branches with 6 or more inches at the top having no growth, just what looks like bud about to start... but they never do it seems.

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well you would likely do this anyway but i'll the spring, trace the branches that don't leaf out to their thickest intersection and prune them off...let nature take it from there!

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I had a bunch of Shantung maples at my old house south of Dallas. They tend to look like that toward the end of August if done wrong.

After growing them for 6 years, they seem to hate synthetic fertilizer during the summer. They ended up looking like yours. Late spring and fall when heat breaks works best to keep them looking good. I have several that are 18-20 feet tall shantung maples that looked very healthy before we moved last July. I hope the new homeowner don't fertilize too much during the summers. I did water deeply 1-3 times a month during hot and dry spell (both grass and trees benefit from that watering practice the best). When grass looks like it's about to turn yellow, I water deeply. I didn't have sprinkler system so I had to water manually with a sprinkler. About 15x15 ft section, I water for an hour then move to new section. Time consuming but everything looked great and healthy.

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It looks like I may have Verticillium Wilt and I'm about to remove the tree after two years of no growth, other than about a foot of new growth over the entire tree (100+ branches) with tiny green and curled dark red and black leaves. Wasted about 6 years of my time and money on this Texas "super tree". :(

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Here is a close up, it shows a black tipped stem or two. Many leaves on new growth will start to curl up and the curled edges of the leaves turn black and look gooey.

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