Master Gardener National rules/regulations

curdog007February 26, 2010

Does anyone know if there are National rules/regulations that apply to the each state level? It appears to me that each state makes up the rules as they see fit. Example; dues, there is a state that has a $10 due but is not mandatory(strange). The adjacent state has a $25 due that if not paid by Jan 1st, you sit out for the year(makes sense).

Would like your thoughts on how rules/regulations are determined in your state.



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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

The Master Gardener program is a volunteer program administered by each state's land grant college which also runs the Co-operative Extension Service. Each state runs the program differently,which accounts for the wide variation in the charge to enroll in the program. Also each MG unit is often unique unto itself. The local MG unit is supposed to be supervised by the local Extension Agent but if there isn't an agent the MG unit can run itself, under state guidelines of course.....or supposedly. Each agent runs the MG program differently, some are very involved, others aren't. Some MG units levy dues, others don't. The two I've been involved in do not. The dues may offset some costs incurred by the unit, my units use plant sale proceeds.
All this being said, or written, each MG program is run in a manner often unique to it's state and even it's county. So while the MG program is nationwide it's administered at the state level and overseen by the local extension agent, if there is one.
Don't know if this helps or just muddies the water,

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Seems that you see it the way I see it. I just didn't know if there was a national bylaw hidden under a rock some where.

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