Help Identify Spider Sac!!

mdensfordFebruary 3, 2009

Hello, Gardeners! I found about five spider sacs attached in my nandina. OK, it looks like tiny balls (5-6) in a tiny sock. The "socks" are about 3/4 in. long. Do you have any idea what insect or spider it belongs to? It looks like it might have been attached to some kind of web, but ofcourse now the web is all torn up. The sac is still attached to really strong lines, one at the top and bottom which are attached to leaves or stems, barely.



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Can you post pictures?

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tommie_jo(z8b TX)

The only sure fire way to identify the spider egg sack is to send very clear close up pictures (with a coin for scale) to an Extension entomologist.

My grandson put some egg sacks in a mason jar with holes poked in the lid and let them hatch - not a good idea, those little spiders escaped through the holes and were everywhere!


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