How does one become a Master Gardener

Cflower(US)March 29, 2005

where would I find classes in my area? How long doees it take? New to gardening, but like everything I have ever taken on I want to know everything I can so I will succeed at what I'm doing. I live in Texas

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Check out Texas A&M for more information about the program.

Not every county offers the program, but the best thing to do is contact your county extension agent.

I took the program in 1998 and have never regreted it. I had been gardening all of my life, but I learned SO much from the program.

Different counties offer the programs at different times of the year. Our program is offered only in the fall, but some of the counties offer it both spring and fall.

Be sure to check it out.

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This is from a 60+yr. gardener whose fingernails are permanently green!

I had the privilege of being in the first MG class in a county in SC. We met and benefited from some horticultural Gurus in the Southeast who are icons in the plant world. Thanks to that experience, we have access to people and places that gardeners read about in journals. And we learned cutting edge information re:Integrated Pest Management, etc.

Then we retired to another state. It is an entirely different story. The MG classes are static, rote reading from the manuals. Uses of chemicals that many specialists consider harmful has to be recommended because they are on the official list from the State University.

To discover what is going on in your county, ask questions.


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Vikk(8b sunset 10)

I would LOVE to do something like this. I am disabled but right now I get around. Where I live the classes are $125 so on my disability income I could not possibly justify or even afford this expenditure.

I wish there were an online course or even something similar. I don't want the title as much as I just want to learn.

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Courses in Ontario are 'way more' & I do mean 'way more' than $125.


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