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mrskaline(5)March 29, 2010

I live in the Indianapolis area and I'm interested in finding a skilled gardener consultant (preferrably organic) I can work with to teach me how to address my ongoing lawn & garden needs, i.e. proper plant care, pruning of trees & shrubs, landscape design ideas, plant selections etc. I enjoy gardening but can't say I'm very good at it and it becomes overwhelming, frustrating and stressful sometimes for me. I like the idea of learning and doing it myself (except for big jobs) but I just need some structured guidance and instruction along the way. I think it would be helpful if I could find a consultant or mentor of sorts to work with me on my ongoing lawn and garden projects and maintenance. Anyone out there that can offer any suggestions or point me in the right direction? I'm not even sure what I should expect to pay for this type of service. I live just north of Indianapolis. Thanks!!

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We are in Texas, so our situation may be very different from yours. When we moved here from upstate NY, we were completely lost as to what many plants were, the soil, bugs, etc. Here is what we did, and we had "garden-tour" vegetable and flower gardens within three years.
1. We found a good nursery that specialized in native plants. We asked questions, listened to the owner, and read recommended books.
2. We went to classes (free) at an arboretum, and also at nurseries that offered Saturday gardening classes.
3. We read. We read books, pamphlets from our county agricultural extension agent, and hand-outs at "green" events like Earth Day at a nearby botanical garden.
4.We met and profited by the experience of other gardeners. Don't worry about asking the wrong question. Gardeners LOVE to talk about gardening!
Gardening shouldn't be overwhelming or stressful for you. Relax, do what you can, ask around about classes/lectures/demonstrations and enjoy your garden. That's the point of the whole thing!

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