Anybody out there?

gardener_sandyMarch 5, 2008

This forum is so slow I sometimes wonder if any MGs actually read it. Anybody out there? What's new with you?

A few of our MGs are being trained to be Urban Tree Specialists. It's a new program (new to us) to help homeowners make good choices regarding trees on their property including pruning, cultural requirements, new trees to plant, etc. We will also serve homeowner associations and other groups as the need arises. It's a fascinating study and hopefully will fill the need in our community.

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I pop in occasionally since this site doesn't get too many posts.

My MG group has something similar called Tree Troopers. They learned all about trees and maintenance of trees.

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I'm new to the MG program in Bexar County, Texas. We are only 3 weeks into the program and I find it extremely interestering. There are so many opportunities to attend seminars regarding every and all situations regarding plants.

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Hi - I'm a Master Gardener in NJ. Just happened along and found the tree programs interesting. I forwarded it to the person who does our county's training. We are an extension of Rutgers University.

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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

I guess MG's just don't have the time...

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indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)

Here in Indy, it's 8:39AM.


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This post caught my eye because I have written a song titled "Anybody Out There?" It's not posted on my web sites yet but you can hear some of my music at I have been a Master Gardener for 30 years now in Marietta, Georgia which is near Atlanta. My special interests are Yard Art, Soil Amending and my favorite: Edible Landscaping. I have planted and hope they bear this year: fuzzless kiwi, pomegranate, blueberries, pineapple guava, pawpaws, plums, mayhaws, figs, seedless American persimmons, large non-astringent Asian persimmon, mulberries, jujubes, English walnut, muscadines and more. I often speak for state Master Gardener Conferences - Mississippi is coming up this month. I am currently working on my second CD of my original songs and they are sounding fantastic. I even have a gardening song out there called "Green Man." So you can see I am staying busy. Am I happy? Sometimes, but at least I am busy. My goal is to get a song on the radio or sung by a popular recording artist. That's for my music. For my garden I hope to pack it with edibles of those I named plus vegetables, annuals, perennials, bulbs, vines and shrubs. I want a lawn so small I can mow it in 15 minutes and I'm almost there. I hope to someday get caught up and work on my gardening book which is on hold at present. I also plan to exercise more but that doesn't seem to happen. I am involved in several projects with the local Master Gardener organization such as the Demo Garden, the Nature Garden, fruit orchard, Teaching gardening classes for 30 seniors every Spring and more. I try to find humor in life. Just yesterday I was driving to a Master Gardener meeting when I passed through a school zone that said "speed limit 25 miles per hour." So I sped up.

Here is a link that might be useful: my personal website

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Oh man, Eddie. I ran over to your website and listened to a selection featuring the hauntingly romantic refrain "Toss it on over here". You are my new hero, you silver tongued devil.

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