Deja Blu

hostahillbilly(4)June 9, 2012

I git 2 busy to even check in here sometimes or at all, other times find spare time. Think it's called 'obsessive/compulsive'?

Today I'm in limbo and sharing, but hope most don't feel overloaded. If so, I've a thick skin, so lemme know to back off. It will happen anyway as this season heats up.

Now for a Hosta I find worthwhile to follow:

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HH feel free to post as many photos as you would like.If someone doesn't want to see them they can read other posts and not open the ones with pictures in them. I personally enjoy them very much and have seen plants that I would never known existed had it not been for people like you posting them.


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I've had mine for 3 yrs and it's still tiny-slow grower, in almost full shade though(1-2 hrs sun). But yours is beautiful- does it get the pretty white line that must be impressive!

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

There is a BOUNTY out for pictures with the white line ! :)

I HOPE I can collect it first ! so far luck ;)

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Thank you for posting your gorgeous Deja Blue! On the wishlist it goes. And please don't back off - I head to your posts first, HH.

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jan_on zone 5b

So - here's one small problem with reading the hosta forum - it ups the ante - I thought my Deja Blu was quite fine until I read here that it should have a white line!!!! so now I'm staring and squinting and wishing least it seems happy and healthy.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Yes the picture that really SELLS this plant has the white separation line. But it seems there is little more than that one picture?

Or at least a few of us here are missing it on our plants, it would be a must have plant with that white line !

I will listen to AM Coast to Coast to see if they have any conspiracy theories about it ! hahahaha

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