Moving Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' after 5 years?

nokiMarch 17, 2012

Would moving an Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' Fullmoon Maple after 5 years in the ground be a possible idea? About 6.5 feet high. Has grown well, gets a lot of sun.

Would this be doable by shovel, or would I just be killing the tree? I don't mind the work, but if it would likely kill the tree, that would be stupid. The tree is still dormant, but the weather has been very warm for March.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If the buds have not swelled at all it should be possible, but you will be cutting the roots right before it buds out so this will have an immediate stunting effect on this year's shoot growth. Wilting and failure might even be possible, although this is primarily a factor of how much of the root system is lost - any time you cut the roots, regardless of time of year some dwarfing of the top will be seen until the roots grow back. This is why bonsai get their roots pruned regularly.

Trench around it and cut across the bottom to get it loose before attempting to lift it. Do not pry on the ball while digging the trench, this results in additional unneeded damage, maybe even cracking and shattering of the ball.

If you have moved specimens of this size before, with success you will be a lot better prepared than if you have not. It might be a good idea to get someone who does know the routine to help you, this will be a pretty valuable specimen at this size.

Ideally you would be able to bare-root it and get most of the roots instead of cutting them back to a manageable soil ball, but different kinds of trees vary very widely in their ability to tolerate having their roots exposed to air - this is probably grafted onto Japanese maple and these do not seem to be offered bare-rooted by nurseries, even though some other kinds of maples are.

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Thanks for the info.

The tree was an Iseli product.

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Yes Noki, Thats quite a tree you have there.I would listen to bboy and if i thought my spring was close and i didnt have to i would wait until next fall and plan the move out well.

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gotsomerice(Sunset 23)

Why do you have to move it? If it is happy I would leave it alone. If you kill it, it will be very expensive to replace this variety of this size! Buy another one instead?

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