How many garbanzo plants do I need?

chickencoupeOctober 8, 2013

Thank you for this forum. I didn't know it was here.

Since I began making pita bread and flat bread my family's consumption of garbanzo bean deep exploded. I never have sufficient beans on hand.

Planting garbanzo next year. Online recommendations are 4-8 plants per person.

For a family of four who eats, at minimum, 2 16 Oz cans of garbanzo beans a WEEK all year long. How many plants do I really need?

How many more plants do I need because of my own gardening failures and bugs and all that......

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I finally found a video online where a gentleman bragged of a successful harvest for garbanzo. His individual garbanzo bean plant contained up to 12 bean pods per branch. The plant was extremely productive. It was probably more productive than most as were all his other vegetables. The plant contained what looked to be about 30-35 branches.

On another video showing a garbanzo harvest without as much detail, the woman revealed two beans in a single pod.

This gives me a general idea of bean pod production of one garbanzo bean plant.

I'll anticipate the worst, say, half the production of the gentleman's very prosperous bean plant. Perhaps, I'll be lucky to have around 20 branches with about 5-6 pods per branch with some failing from clay soil, lack of watering and inexperience. Bugs don't usually bother garbanzo beans, btw.

I'll need about 40 garbanzo plants. If I don't fail, I'll have garbanzo beans coming out of my ears.

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