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jrw8250(OH Z6)March 21, 2014

Hi everyone, I am new here and I am looking for some information/thoughts on a 'Commemoration' Sugar Maple. Do any of you have any experience with this cultivar? I really like the look of the Sugar Maple, and would like to plant this near the street in a 6' x 12' grassy area. I recently removed a dying Norway Maple, which had some type of tar spot. The new tree will not be in a spot that will create much shade, but more of a specimen. The new tree will have full sun. Please give me any info you might have.


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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

We have one. Love the DARK DENSE green of the leaves in summer. Leaves aren't as large as some cultivars, but that does not matter to me. LOVE the consistent orange fall color, that we have gotten once it had been in the ground a couple years. Color can be long lasting just as has been reported. Growth has been reasonable, even though it's not on the best site. Our Fall Fiesta has grown faster and calipered. However our Commemoration is a broader more spreading shape at this point, versus the upright oval of the Fiesta. Both have dealt well with two summers from hell (sorry but far in excess of what Ohio had to deal with those years) of 2011 and 2012, though I kept them watered. Both are in full sun. If I had to choose between the two, I very slighting prefer the Commemoration over the Fiesta due to shape of the tree, and fall color, longer lasting fall color.

As far as using it as a street tree, road de-icing salt is a big concern with all Sugar Maples planted near a road. Also soil compaction and/or lack of drainage can also preclude their use near a road.


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