Eagle Bay Gardens?

eclecticcottage(6b wny)June 4, 2012

Anone know if they are still around? I can't seem to find an active site for them :(

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

didnt i suggest a PHONE CALL ...

there are things in life that can not be done on your computer ...

last i heard .... and it was last week .. he is still out there.. dabbling in hosta.. but that doesnt mean he wants to pay for a website..


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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Yes...but to me, if all the sites are dead, the business is closed. Maybe it's just me...we maintain several websites, some are just redirects, they aren't that expensive, so I figure if someone doesn't want to have even a static page then they probably don't want to be bothered. For all I know, the number I find is a home number (it was at another farm) and I might be calling only to find out someone passed away. I know that sounds crazy, but as someone who has dealt with small owner/operator businesses for years, I know it does happen. I used to deal direct with them on a weekly basis in a past job, and it's sad to to think how many former customers have passed on. So I thought I'd ask to see if they are still in fact, in business. I'm glad to hear this isn't the case-but after one weekly sales call only to speak to a very upset family telling me my customer had a heart attack...well, I'd rather not do THAT again. I wasn't aware that you were (not meaning this in a bad way) that into Hosta that you would know, or just that you were suggesting it off hand.

I don't live by my computer...but I'm also unreasonably busy lately so email is easier, lol. I'll call sometime when I have a chance to actually sit for a time on the phone without 10000 interruptions (this post probably took an hour to write between other things I have to do). Defiantely not for the next few days, since I'm working and we have to pick up about 800 bricks for a patio so I won't even eat dinner until 9/9:30 at night for the next couple of days...then we're moving a shed, installing a floor, planting in the rest of what we got at a plant exchange...

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

The Western NY Hosta Society lists Eagle Bay Gardens website as "under construction." That could mean many things. Why don't you email Ran Lydell and ask him. He's the VP of WNYHS and his email is listed on their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: WNY Hosta Society officers

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you are confusing me with this all..

you said.. or i should say i READ.. that your life would end w/o LO ... lol ..

so i will make it easy for you

see link ...

dont want you to die and all ...

and while you are at it.. get all the great lakes..

you are fully enabled.. get at it ...


ps: and if his email is rejected.. email shadrack

Here is a link that might be useful: note the email link next to his name

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Lol...I dunno about dying without it...I haven't even created the garden bed it will live in yet! Of course, if I found it, it would be a wonderful excuse to get started on that one (lake theme, everything in it will have a beach/lake/nautical name). I did email off of the Hosta Society's page, but haven't heard back. Hoping to have time later this week after work, when we're done treking back and forth to pick up our new patio in the making (old clay bricks-about 800 of them). I find, generally, people don't prefer phone calls at 10pm, even if that's when I'm done working, running errands, watering and eating and ready to talk :P

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Visited the link, and looked at the Gallery of the WNYHS. The very last photo is of a Stitch In Time. Caption reads,'Wes has been very successful growing Stitch In Time.
Lovely photo, this plant keeps turning up and wanting me to buy it.

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