johns polish purple pole bean

rxkeith(z5 MI)October 20, 2012

i got this one from tom tjg911, and grew it this year.

i was expecting a purple bean, but it was a yellow flat pod bean, that developed some purple streaking as it matured. pod size is about 5 inches long. the seeds are purple hence the name of the bean, and has a splash of white on the back of the bean. seed size is about the same as a pinto bean. anybody grown it? i have asked tom for more info on the bean, but haven't heard back yet. he may be taking a break from gardening/forums based on his last post on a different forum. its hard to judge days to maturity based on one growing season. the beans i started in doors were all late producing due to a early june heat wave shortly after planting outside that just stopped everything from growing for 3 weeks or so. i was able to save a small amount of seed, so i will be growing it again next year for sure.


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

While I haven't grown "Johns Polish Purple", the description sounds very much like another bean I grew in 2008, "Olteanu's Romanian Yellow". It too has yellow pods with the characteristics you describe, and shiny purple seeds with white blotches. In size, shape, and appearance, the beans look somewhat like a purple version of "Calypso". It was actually sent to me as a runner bean, probably because of the purple color; but the emergent cotyledons & flower structure identify it as P. vulgaris.

The variety didn't leave a very good impression with me. I found the pod taste & texture to be inferior, and the dry seed yield was small. But then, it was grown in the worst location in my least fertile plot. I hope to give it a better evaluation soon, in my more fertile rural plot.

I realize this may not have answered your question, Keith. Is it possible to post a photo of the seed?

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rxkeith(z5 MI)

i am a technological neanderthal as far as posting pictures.
i haven't seen a bean this shade of purple before, with the white splotch being on the upper back of the bean almost like a cap. flavor was pretty good. tom seemed to like it.
i have a few seeds to spare if interested.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Here's a picture of John's Polish Purple Pod.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

... that should read John's Polish Purple Pole Bean, brain and fingers don't seem to be co-operating at the moment:(.

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