Struggling Acer shirasawanum aureum

tomasakiMarch 21, 2007

The last post reminds me ... I have a question about my Full Moon maple, Acer shirasawanum aureum, that I planted about 4 years ago. It seems to be struggling.

I know they are slow growing, but it's lost quite a few of it's branches over the past years and it hasn't gotten much taller. It's in a shady well drained area, and other plants are thriving nearby -- really what I think the problem is that I planted it too deep, maybe about 4 inches or so (it was one of the first things I planted in my garden, and well, I have since learned not to do this!)

Anyway, the other thing I can think of is verticillium wilt, which I hope to God it's not. I have a few other Japanese Maples nearby (planted at the correct depth!) and I'd hate to lose them.

Here's my question: do you think it would hurt to either:

1. dig it up and replant so it's at the level it should be (I've already dug down to where the trunk starts to flare, but it could be raised a little) or

2. dig it up and put it a pot (I'm kind of favoring this option since the tree is so small I'd like it closer to the house, and if it does have the vert. wilt maybe I can save my other trees). or

3. Leave it alone.

Thanks for any advice you more experienced gardeners can offer me!


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esamart(z5 (Finland 2))

1 and 2 does not hurt and 3 propably eventually will.

1. Now it is spring and you may do almost anything rootswise with deciduous. If you loose a lot of roots, which is unlikely, or gut lot of roots, 2. it is a good practice to remove some buds or cut unnecessary branches.

Also you can achieve one year growth of height immediately planting correltly that 4 inches higher ;)

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Thanks for the reply, esamart!

I will probably dig it up and either raise the rootball and re-plant, or I may just move it into a pot. I guess I need to try something - I mean it still leafs out and looks pretty good, but it's not thriving. I know this will stress it out but I think I need to take the chance.

If anyone else has any other comments or words of encouragement, feel free to chime in!

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

>it is a good practice to remove some buds or cut unnecessary branchesGrowth of new roots in spring prompted by hormones coming from buds. Growth of new roots fueled by energy stored in branches. Don't cut back the top to make it 'balance' lost roots.

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