Two Maple Issues..need advice...

konradbMarch 24, 2010


I have a newly transplanted Autumn Blaze Maple in Whitefish, MT (Northwest Part of the State). It is approx 16 feet tall or so. Planted last summer. Was doing very well until I noticed two issues:

1) Small white spots on the bark last fall. Start a few feet above the ground and go up to midway up the trunk. White, dry and powdery. Almost thought they were bird droppings or insect larva or pods, but when I scrub at them, just seem to be white powdery substance. Bought an organic 3 in 1 fungus spray, hasn't seem to do much of anything. The spots don't seem to be doing any damage. Have lasted all winter and are still there, don't seem to have expanded, but it is still early in the spring season.

2) Just this spring, one limb has turned wet and black, and is secreting a sappy / watery liquid. No obvious wound. I have photos that I can send. Only thing I can find online that may be the issue is "slime flux". Looks awful and sap secretion has me worried. The rest of the tree is budding and seems fine...

Any clue?

Thanks in advance!


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

There's a major problem occurring with Acer x freemanii. It's occuring in every state of the US. The trees are falling to a pathogen/agent and wiping them out.

I'd need to do some research but hopefully someone on here can add the information, I'm describing.

Good luck, however, I don't think your tree is going to make it. Your tree is showing the signs I've read/heard about - before.


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Sounds pretty serious. Can anyone confirm this?

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