What type of maple is this?

ChunaFishMarch 26, 2013

Hi all,

My partner and I bought a maple from a local school fete for the princely sum of $1! Since them it has grown somewhat but I'm not sure what type it is. I'd really appreciate anyone's advice on what type and maple this is and what it's characteristics maybe....

Thank in advance!


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It is a Japanese maple of some type, Acer palmatum. Precisely what variety is impossible to determine from that photo and at that young age :-) There are hundreds of cultivars and many that look very similar, especially early in the season or when still quite young.

If no obvious graft is visible, it is just a sample of the straight species or a seedling grown tree. While these may be very variable in their mature characteristics, they still make very handsome ornamental trees.

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Thank you very much for your reply!

I really do appreciate it.

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