Can JM take sun in Bay Area California?

zadalMarch 13, 2008

I have only 'afternoon-sun' spot left on my yard and I wanted to plant a Green Japanese Maple ( with green bark )

I am in Sunnyvale (it is close to the Bay, so not as intense heat as inland ) California. With adequate watering, will the tree survive the summer here?


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I'm in Los Altos. I have one "basic" japanese maple (not a specific cultivar / green leaves, green bark) planted by the deck. I would say it gets sun from morning til late afternoon when the sun drops behind our house. It is 10 feet tall, maybe 6 feet around. The leaves will burn and crinkle in an extended heat wave, such as the one we had a few years back. I think it was a week or 10 days of 100 degree temps, but that kind of heat is fairly unusual for this area. Thank goodness.
I also have a red dissectum "garnet" planted in some pretty good sun. Again, in a normal summer, it does fine.
I have a new area where I am planting some of my maples. It is more shady, protected by an oak tree canopy.
Bottom line: what do you have to lose? I would go for it. If the tree becomes established and grows well, it will likely survive any heat waves. And look around your neighborhood. You will see some large japanese maples planted in full sun in this area. They seem to do well.

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They grow all over coastal Orange County, which should present a similar climatic condition. FWIW, Mountain Maples is an excellent California grower and source for JM's and they are located in Mendocino County. They also have an extremely informative websit that lists suitable cultivars of Japanese maples for a variety of specialized conditions, including the heat and dryness of the west. Worth checking out to see which cultivars they recommend for your situation. Or you could contact them directly.

Here is a link that might be useful: MM - Japanese maples for specialized conditions

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