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felixzippy(Z4MN)April 23, 2006

I'd really like to become a Master Gardener, but the classes in Minnesota are always held during Jan and Feb, and I'm down in Florida at that time of year. I've heard of Master Gardener classes being held online, but have never been able to track it down. Does anyone know how I can find out more about the online classes?



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Take the Master Gardener training in Florida. Oops, that's right, I forgot that if you train to be a doctor in one state then you're a doctor in any state but if you train to be a Master Gardener in one state you are a Master Gardener only in that same state.

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blueheron(z6 PA)

I don't think that's accurate, Eddie. We had some MG's transfer from other states to our Penn State MG group and they are members in good standing.

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Eddie, after going to your website and reading about how interested you are in gardening, you SURELY must know that it's all SO different, even in the same state. Like, you being outside of Atlanta, couldn't possibly grow some things that do well on the GA coast. . . . I trained in NE FL. The county directly east of me is coastal and in a different zone -- stuff that grows there was iffy in my county. That's why the MG from central FL. had to re-train in our county when she moved there. And in Oct., when I moved from NE FL (s. of Jax) to SE TX (n. of Houston) it's the same zone BUT. . . . .WOW, it is sooo different. Yeah there are some things that grow in both places, but the natives are different. And I grew in sand there; this is clay (and after immediately hooking up with my new co. Extension Office, found out I have to grow in raised beds here -- what a HASSLE!) Same zone, but it's warmer here (NO freezes this past winter, versus MANY freezes in NE FL) and way more humid.
OK, sorry, with my ranting. The point is that MG's assist homeowners in growing their best landscaping. And that training pertains to a VERY small region surrounding your county. Hence, the MG cert. doesn't transfer state-to-state (I'm at a COMPLETE loss when I go back to OH to visit family -- I don't have a clue about what grows there.) On the other hand, human bodies adapt really well to whatever climate they find themselves in. Unlike plants. My MD DL could successfully practice medicine with human bodies anywhere in the world. And so will my son when he finishes Med. School. But I have to take the MG training here in SE TX.

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I agree with both of you. It varys from state to state and even within the state from county to county as to what is acceptable training.

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Chris, there is information, I believe, about the online training at the MN MG website. If not, there will be contact info and someone can answer your question.

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Thanks Leaveswave! The online training information is there! I'll be placing a call tomorrow to try to get the ball rolling. Again, thanks so much!


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Maybe what the MG organization needs to do is split the course into two sections: one that's pretty much universal (how plants grow, basic botany, basic soil science, pesticide safety, stuff like that), and the rest focused on gardening in a specific county or region. Then they could make the universal part transferrable.

I've found that most of my best gardening skills are transferrable from place to place and climate to climate: observation, reading research (as in looking up information on plants and stuff), and persistence.


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I'm am/was? a master gardener in Alaska and consider myself a master gardener in California where I now reside. My county (Kern) offers no backup for master gardeners online or off to my knowledge. It never came to mind that I may have "lost" my master gardener title or that I wouldn't be a master gardener in another state. Of course the conditions are different (even county to county) but the basics are the same. So, if the "organization" wants to maintain a pool of master gardeners I agree with Lisa.!

I came to this site because I'm interested in vertical gardening (berries & grapes under fruit trees and vegetables all around underneath). I need expert knowledge of fruit tree-berry-vegetable compatibilities. If someone knows of a forum or expert on the subject please let me know. I'm always glad to help with any questions/answers anytime.

Yuca (surrounded by Yucca brevifolia)
Onyx, CA

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floragal(z5 PA)

I, too, received my MG training in Alaska (in 1990), and was surprised when I moved to NY that I didn't have to complete training to be 're-certified' there. As a matter of fact, my hort agent contacted the new hort agent prior to my arrival (they met in college) and I was welcomed with open arms. The new agent totally left it up to me to decide if I wanted new training, and I turned it down. Hey botany, soil science, pruning, etc. is universal. So I had to learn about a few new pests & diseases, so what? Isn't that what being a MG is all about? After 20 years as a MG I still run into situations where I learn new things.

I've since moved to NE PA and the experience was the same. I just showed up at the county Cooperative Extension office, and they told me when to be at the next meeting! After a year or two I asked to participate in the next classes (I was still a little sketchy on native plants and trees) and the ag agent laughed and said "you know enough!"

So, long story short, you'll be welcome no matter where you go!

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Hi to all of you. I'm aiming to get my Master Gardener's certificate but cannot fin anything in my area. I live in Salem, MA. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!


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Webpage with links to MG program in every state of the union! Go wild!

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donna_jj(5b Montreal QC)

Here is a link to the Nova Scotia Agriculture college Master gardener program, hopefully it will be helpful.

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