need help planning memorial for a Master Gardener

ccoombs1(7B SC)April 19, 2007

My best friend was a Master Gardener (so am I). She was the volunteer coordinator for her county for years. She passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. The county extension office for our county has asked me to plan a memorial for her. Maybe a tree-planting ceremony or something like that. I really don't know where to start! Have any of you ever attended such a service? Any ideas or suggestions for me? Thanks for any help you can offer.


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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

We have to share our building and property with Soil,water 4 H and the Housing Authority.We are downtown without much land(not much of anything to be honest)Anyway they did plant a tree for a fellow MG as a memorial but we have since been told we cannot do that everytime someone passes away. Maybe your MGs could put in a garden and add a brick or stepping stone for each of them as sort of a memory garden.
Heres an idea I am doing for my family WHILE they are ALIVE.
I am not much on parties but I want a stepping stone memory party. We will all decorate our own stone and it will be in my garden NOW but of course have so much more meaning when they pass on. Each person is to bring things about them to decorate their stone.(like a mosaic) A broken favorite plate . a key or coin of theirs,a horseshoe ,an old peice of jewelry,My son has some old plates he hung on his wall as a kid with ships,new wife won't allow them in their home so that is perfect.My in laws have a cottage on Lake Erie and have collected lots of sea glass.A carpenter may add nails. Maybe as gardeners they could make impressions of their favorite flowers by pressing them into the wet cement.
I told my dad when he died I'd cremate him and put his ashes IN the mortar or grout!He can be with me in the garden every day!LOL

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Hi Cindy,
I'm sorry to hear about your friend and colleague passing away. Her dedication is admirable and remembering her is a gift to both your community and your friend.
I've planned a memorial for a school teacher who passed away. I used the Landscape Designer software to plan a space with his favorite perennial flowers. We included a small tree for the small space, plus we had a plaque made which was set into a boulder. The boulder sits at the base of the tree and there is a small flagstone windy path walking up to the boulder. We had a small ceremony at the school in remembering the teacher and dedicating the garden. The teacher's parents visit the school memorial area more than the cemetery because they feel as though a lot of love was shown there.
I also like the stepping stone memory activity above, but that is a big activity. Some other ideas would be to plant a memorial garden in your demonstration garden area (if you have one), or add plants with your friend's name to your demo garden, or establish a small scholarship in her name.
In garden spirit,

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terri_ks(z5 KS)

If you know a hybridizer maybe you could get a plant named after her and plant it in her memory.

Nature in Loveliness appears,
To gladden every mind;
She may dispel our sighs and tears,
True joys in her we find...
By St. Francis
There are also some great poems by Robert Frost or Emmerson
How about a reading from Henrey David Thoreau
His early poem "The Respectable Folks" is a great poem for someone who admired nature.

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terri_ks(z5 KS)

Here is something else from Thoreau since I know you have many beautiful pines in your area. You could plant one with a plaque with this quote.
Die and be buried who will,
I mean to live here still;
My nature grows ever more young
The primitive pines amoung.

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