Trying to save my Lace-Leaf Jap. Maple

chol1024(6/MI)March 23, 2013

We planted our maple 5 years ago and it did great in the location we put it. Last spring here in Michigan- we had a really early warm spell (around this time last year) that lasted a week or so and my maple budded. We then got some deep frosts, I should have covered it but can't turn back time, and the tree just didn't do well last summer at all. I had only about half of the tree get leaves and even some of the branches died off. I cut the ones that were to the point that I could "snap" the branches and went into this winter hoping for the best.
Finally- my question is, when it does begin to bud, if there are branches that have no buds should I cut those? I have no idea what to do for my poor tree that has done so well.

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Buds should be present now on all viable branches and stems :-) They may still be quite small but they should be visible and start swelling as the weather warms. Some of my JM's are beginning to leaf out while others are still very tightly budded - each tree has its own timetable.

Dead or non-viable wood should be readily apparent. It tends to be a gray or silver in color compared to the more brightly colored tissue of healthy wood. And any bud present on this wood will also be gray in color and look shriveled rather than plump. Dead wood can be removed at any time (and should be removed!).

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Thanks for your feedback. I'm not seeing any buds yet but there is quite a bit of "grey" wood that I'm going to get my pruning sheers out and have a go with. I'm really so bummed that this tree might not bounce back.

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