Beautification Committee Suggestions

grit0416(z7a ATL GA)April 12, 2005

Hello fellow MGs. I've been asked by my neighborhood association to head up a Neighborhood Beautification committee. We are a small community and it will be very low key, but any suggestion you have for me to start would be very helpful. I must also write a column for our newsletter. Thank you so much for your help. I can really use it! We live in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, GA. Grit

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Yo grit, I'm from Marietta. I don't really know what neighborhood beautification committies do but I would suggest you put in your newsletter that any walkers or joggers (jigglers if female) carry a plastic grocery bag with them and pick up litter on their route. I have done this and am amazed at the amount of litter I pick up daily. I would think that neatness counts for more than beauty or to put it differently, first make it neat then beautify it. I would imagine that beautifying individual yards is up to the homeowner and that committees would concentrate on entrances to the neighborhood. Anything you intend to plant should have a site with well amended soil that is completely free of grass and weeds. Any plantings should not be skimpy.Don't plant 3 or 4 pansies, instead plant 3 or 4 flats of pansies. Plant big, bold specimen plants. In my neighborhood we have a once a year cookout in the Fall and a community Yard Sale in the Spring where the committee puts up signs and participants put balloons and ribbons on their mailboxes.

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grit0416(z7a ATL GA)

Cool! Thanks Eddie, great suggestions!

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Also, remind dog owners to carry a bag to dispose of their waste (the dog's, not the owner's). :^)

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What about getting people to pull or cut dead plants? In my community, I see so much of that and it seems so simple to me, but for weeks and weeks I keep seeing the same eye sores and wonder why the homeowners don't see to notice.

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mtmama42(z5-6 WV)

Are there common areas that you will be planting/renovating? If so, what shapes and sizes? What is your committee's budget? How many members do you have on the committee and in the association?

If there are common areas have a potluck/planting day for all to participate in. If you do this, remember to have gardening activities for the children and supervision for them.

As the chairman I beg you - delegate! Try to ensure the experience will be a pleasure for you not just a chore.

For the newsletter just research the web for timely gardening jobs and hints specific to your area. If your local Master Gardeners publish a calendar it should be a great resorce.

Good luck!

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Plant trees that are appropriate for your climate and rainfall, and that will grow to the right size. They are work for the first year, then for decades after the beautification committee has disbanded, people will still be enjoying the trees. Street trees, trees to shade a playground, specimen trees.

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