The Second Ones to Blossom here in Z4

hostahillbilly(4)June 19, 2012

Hosta 'Bressingham Blue'"

Hosta 'Lemon Lime':

Hosta 'T-Rex':

just noticing,


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Oh nice looking blooms on that Lemon Lime! I received my LL from Savory's last week and no blooms on it. However, the Tiny Tears and Venusta had scapes with tight little buds on them. I would need a magnifier to see the flowers and the Tiny Tears blooms look almost salmon colored, not green and not lavender. I'm very curious about them.

So what is going on up there in Minnesota? I thought you were having cooler weather, yet you have a good bit of blooming happening.

The Bressingham Blue blossoms are barely visible with scapes shorter than the leaf petioles! But they are beautiful.

Guess I need to mark dates in my record book about when each of mine bloom this year, since it is their first growing season this far south.. You probably know all of the details for your hosta, you've done it for so long.

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bernd ny zone5

Here in Upstate NY it is hot. Yes I have several hostas having flowers, probably some pods developing. But moving the hoses and sprinklers when temps will be up to 95, I decided to not hybridize this year, but let the bees do it again, and then use some of those seeds. I still have great seeds from last year in the freezer. Bernd

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Is Guacamole a late bloomer? I'm in zone 6 and there's no sign of a scape on either of my 2 plants.

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Yes, Guacamole is a late bloomer, like all the others of that ilk.

And Moccasin, it's been four degrees above normal so far in June with five 90-plus days. Was closer to five degrees above normal in May with two 90s. Nearly 10 inches of rain in May and well above normal in June in the Twin Cities.

Hot and wet, that will get things growing.

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Thank you Esox.

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