Japanese Maple Root Cuttings

paul3636(6a Ma.)March 18, 2012

I just transplanted a Japanese maple into a container.

To make it fit 4 heavy roots had to be cut off. 3 of these had some hair roots so I planted them into individual pots.

Can trees grow from Root cuttings????

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

*Some* trees can....but I'm not sure about maples.


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paul3636(6a Ma.)

i also have heard some trees can grown from root cuttings but it is the Japanese maple that I'm trying to find out about.
I hope they are one of the trees that does.
Does anyone have experience with trying this method.

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If the Japanese Maple is a grafted cultivar, even if you could get the roots to grow, the leaves would be different. The rootstock would probably have larger green leaves and grow larger than smaller cultivars.

I don't know if is totally impossible, but this is not how they propagate Maples.

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I have never heard of anyone with success using this method to propagate Japanese maples. And since virtually all named forms of Japanese maples are grafted, all that you would be generating from the roots, should you get anything viable at all, would be the original rootstock or just the species Acer palmatum.

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

You are right , I totally forgot it was a grafted maple. That being said is it possible that a maple will grow from a root cutting. If any one has tried let me know if it may work.
I have already planted them in the same soil i use to root regular cuttings. If it works I'll let you know.

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everything I have heard about doing this says they might live for up to five years and then perish due to the roots never being able to catch up with the top growth..its sad because I was trying to do this myself until i learned this..i did a bunch of research and all pointed down a dark path..you might try prunning this tree back nicely for a couple years so the roots will have time to establish before you really start to grow these out. Might work, but wtih this style there is no gaurentee..

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