Acer griseum, Paperback Maple

nokiMarch 25, 2007

My local good nursery has Acer griseum, but they are very thin around 7 foot high sticks with minimal branching. Like reddish toothpicks for $79.

They have a few much more developed trees for a higher price in huge very heavy pots (would need a huge hole!), but I would rather have a younger tree anyway. I'm just having trouble imagining how these delicate long toothpicks turn into thicker trunked, even multitrunked broad trees not much taller. Is this normal to start out with a thin 7 foot trunk like this with Acer griseum?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Not a rare item. Keep looking.

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So I assume that such leggy/thin caliper Paperback Maples are not normal, or at least harder to train into a nice trunk and branching.

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From what I've heard, Acer griseum is almost always grown from seed. This would imply that there are significant variations in shape and size with these trees. However, I would guess that the tall skinny look is a result of over fertilization and/or growing the trees too close together at a young age.

I would personally keep looking because although the trees might fill out, I think you should be able to find a better deal than that.

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Be prepared to pay for it whatever size. I believe that my A. griseum is the most expensive tree that I have ever bought.

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

For this time of year that is likely a fair retail price. What you could do is wait until the end of the season and see if it goes on sale. Acer Griseum is an ugly duckling at that age and many people don't know what it is or it true potential so it may go unsold. I picked up a similar shaped BB for $10 that was ragged but definately alive. David

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acernut(z8b CenTX)

My little potted griseums are several years old and only about 4 feet tall... very straight and skinny... and not heavily fertilized at all. Prob not enough.

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