Ever Written A Book?

andie_rathbone(Tyler, TX - 7B)April 14, 2005

General query here, as I'd like to pick your brains. Our MG group has been publishing an East Texas Calendar & Gardening Guide for about 7 years now. Besides the calendar grid we give folks month-by-month lists of things to do, gardening projects & several pages of more detailed infomation on such topics as growing roses, invasive plants, composting, etc.

While the calendar has been a very succesful project for us,we're now thinking about writing a book on gardening in East Texas. Thisw would be in a format much like cookbooks that many groups put together for fund raisers. Basically a 5 X 7" size bound with a plastic spiral binding.

If any of your groups have attempted such a project, I'd like to pick your brains for ideas and practical information on printing costs & the types of distribution you have used to sell the final finished product.

We are just in the beginning stages of thinking about this, so any thoughts you have would be most appreciated.

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Andie, I wrote a big long response to your post then due to some sort of glitch, it disappeared. I will try again later - sorry.

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Write down the stages that need to be accomplished in the order you need them and go ahead and get started. You will learn as you go and it wouldn't hurt to imitate another book along the same lines. It will be like eating an elephant: it seems insurmountable at first but you just take it one bite at a time. I did write a childrens book and for me, the hardest part was not writing, illustration or printing which I did myself, but was the marketing. You should say in both the front and the back HOW TO REORDER. Give this information as many ways as possible, phone number, postal mail and email. Next you must promote the book so print a few extras for promotional use. Tell if you wish, the committees involved in publishing the book and what the profits will be used for. Decide on a price and check on what the cost of postage and envelopes would be if it has to be mailed. The printer may keep records in case there is a reprint but I would keep a copy of the original myself on a disk stored in a secure place in case there are any revisions and there usually are. Identify your potential market and sales venues.

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You're welcome.

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