What a great market day!

gama_garden_tx(9)January 26, 2013

I'm so excited! We had a great market day today with weather in the mid 70's the place was crowded. Everyone had citrus, so the key to doing well was having citrus that no one else had and having green items. Everyone had grapefruit, so since we had oranges and calamansi, we did very well, not to mention everyone wanted mustard greens! It is so strange, no one wanted mustard greens a month ago, but today I sold out. Cilantro always does well, so not surprised by that. Just wish my sugar snaps would start producing. They are taking forever. Other people sold out of their lettuce, but all my lettuce is too small to bring to market, and growing really slow. I think it is confused. One day we have 70 degree weather. the next day it is in the 30's. My poor asparagus doesn't know which season it is, part fern, part stalks. Winter/spring is the best time to be a market grower in Texas..summers are too hot to sell anything. Our summers are like the rest of the country's winters-a time to replenish soil and make structural improvements. Eeek...turned into a novel...just so excited!!

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Same here in Arkansas, really. There's not much happening in late summer except okra.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I had a great market on Friday night (was suppose to be Saturday morning but the building we have them was already booked).

Here is our youngest, she is the "Carrot Girl". She helped pick all the carrots we took. She stood behind them telling people they should buy these carrots! Her job was to keep the carrot bins full. At one point, she had 25-30 3 pound bags and 30 plus one pound bags. She had fun doing it.

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Kids really enjoy markets UNTIL it becomes WORK for them. I love "carrot girl', maybe dress her in orange with the carrot top ponytail. Our grandkids, all but the oldest, love 'doing' market. The oldest is 11 and everything but hanging with his friends is WORK.

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Awesome!! Your carrots always look fabulous. Hey, maybe you could start another side business w/a "Rent a Child" for market days. I bet it would work. Unfortunately, there are those pesky child labor laws.

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I'm glad everyone has had a good start, hopefully this recession/depression is finally easing up. I could use a good year after not doing anything last year.


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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Cute. You just can't teach a kid to be like that! It is natural. I used to sell a lot of sweet corn at that age.

We have our monthly market tomorrow morning. I couldn't go in December or January. I sure hope there are customers, not on too strict of diets! I have been prepping for 2 days.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)


Of our 4 girls, she is by farm the hardest working and most observant. You show her once and she's got it. Last spring she helped me put our drip tape. I pulled a wagon with the drip tape roll in the back. When I stopped her job was to stop the roll from unrolling. She caught on very quick. We got the job done very quick. Last summer she would come out and pick cherry tomatoes with me. She would pick more than her sisters. 4 to 6 pint baskets. Not to bad for a 3 year old. Best of all she WANTED to do it.


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Wait til she gets older, then she may not to do it as much. That's what has happened with our oldest grandson.

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our market today went very well. it was 11 degrees this morning but warmed up quickly into the twenties. sold out of salad mix, braising mix, head lettuce, turnips, carrots, bunching greens, and spinach. we also sold fresh pasta which didn't sell out (all but 6 out of 26) but we found a wholesale buyer on the way home for the remaining 6. we hadn't been to the market for 3 weeks because of snowy/icy roads.

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We don't have a winter market. Ours closes in October and reopens in May. I do sell 40 lbs of winter squash a week to my restaurant, and he is really pleased to have it. I've only got a couple hundred lbs left, but the winter income sure has been nice. The squash does double duty because I sell 500-1200 blossoms a week also--it's by far my best crop.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Jay your little helper almost makes me want to have some. With my luck they wouldn't take after their mom but their dad and be of no help at all. LOL. My grandma called me her little helper and I never stopped. Now I named my business after her and I got the veggie growing bug from her. That gene just pops up here and there.

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