Need advice on how to prune a younger maple tree

ncguy32March 2, 2008

I have two young maple trees on my property. The trees were not cared for by the previous owner so now I am stuck with two trees that do not have a "central leader". I realize it is too late to correct that, I also realize I need to remove the mulch away from the runk and expose the root flare. What I don't know is what lower branches on the trees need to be pruned off so as to help train the tree take on a proper healthy structure as it matures. Problem is I don't know how to determine what limbs need to be cut off and I can't really afford to pay a professional to come in to do the job. Like I said above, I know it is too late to establish a central leader, but in light of that, what branches should I prune off these two trees? Can somebody give some advice to a newbie? Below are some pictures of the two trees in question. Any help would be greatly apprecaited! :)


Tree #1

Tree #1 Close-up

Tree #2

Tree #2 Close-up

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Your tree looks great there is no right or wrong form of JM..that being said ( to may make mowing easier) i would cut off all the vertical very low branches ( two on right one on left) As well as any other lower ones that seem to be ( but it's hard to tell ) ;>) coming out in mass along with a much larger branch or where a branch that was cut ...just keep the biggest one in a branch forest. Otherwise i wouldn't mess with it ...
I have no idea where you be from but if still cold there and dormant you'd better get going if you want to do it now ...or wait til next fall after leaf drop David

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