Requesting planting advice for Acer ginnala (amur maple)

kiddo_1(NE OH 5)March 28, 2009

Hello. I've not posted on this particular GW forum before but just know you will have good advice for me! :-D

Today I stumbled upon a nice deal on some 12" Amur Maples in a local discount store. They are in 4x4" cartons (about 10" deep). Don't know if they are grown from seeds or are rooted cuttings - all the text is in Spanish! Anyway, they are packed 2 to a carton and I bought 5 cartons.

In my NE Ohio zone 5, I should be able to plant them right into the ground now? Or should I put them into 2-gal pots and let them get more roots (because they sure don't have many at this point).

Also, when I do plant or pot them, should I put 1 to a planting, or should I put 2 so I can get more stems.

I've wanted amur maples for many years, but could never afford them before and this seems like a perfect opportunity to create a large shady area in a relatively short time. (That is assuming, like most maples, these will grow quickly).

I appreciate any advice and help. Thanks very much! :-D


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Ordinarily getting back into the ground would be a better situation for them. A very hardy tree/shrub, cold probably not a problem for them now even there. And plants in pots are more vulnerable to cold than those in the ground.

This is an early-leafing tree, you should see some green fairly soon. Some upright forms, possible hybrids with Tatarian maple are offered by a few wholesale nurseries. You might get an upright habit if you have one of these types, otherwise allow for low, quite wide-spreading crowns of long, straight branches.

All will branch and bulk up with age, making planting two together probably unnecessary - and might produce a bothersome clutter later.

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kiddo_1(NE OH 5)

Thank you, bboy. I'll plant them separately. I certainly don't want to create any clutter. :-D

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