help ID maple 'Dissectum Nigrum' 'Ever Red'????

haloperidolMarch 12, 2009

I bought about 20 small maples last year from undependable source who sometimes mislabels their plants. These maples were labeled 'Ever Red'. From my research, I read that spring growth is the distinguishing characteristic of the cultivar. Apparently, the new growth should have a silver/gray color. Some of these maples are starting to leaf out now. Is it possible to identify the cultivar from my photos and help distinguish if my maples are 'Dissectum Nigrum''Ever Red'?


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Nice pics Halo.

Many cultivars look exactly like yours at this stage. Doubtful anyone could id a specific plant now.

When it is further along compare pics at UBC JM photo gallery

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When the leaves open up a bit more, look for a very "hairy" appearnce. This is the key for me. I grow and graft quite a few 'ever reds', it is a good seller for us. These photos you have posted, do look like mine did last week before the leaves unfurled.

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