Comments on varieties if you have grown them?

little_minnie(zone 4a)January 26, 2013

I am growing these lettuces this year.
High Mowing:
Nevada was out of stock
Green Star


Strela Gree
Lollo di Vino
Bronze Mignonette

Also summer mix and winter mix.

I have some lettuce remaining from last year but do not have it completely listed. The thing to do this year is not have an accident and mess up all the varieties/identification!

Sweet potatoes:
I usually grow Beauregard and have also done Georgia Jet. Any opinions on whether I should order just Beauregard, both Beauregard and Georgia Jet, or both and Centennial? I haven't tried Centennial before. I will buy 300 plants.

Only comments on the varieties please.

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The Sand Hill Preservation Center catalog has Nevada lettuce. Is that where you tried to get it? I haven't tried it yet, but a customer of mine at market recommended it. She is in her late 70's and has been gardening a long time.

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We've grown Beauregard, Georgia Jet and Centennial in the past. Beauregard and Centennial are good producers for us (Beaureguards are our favorite) but have never had luck with Georgia Jets. They tended to crack baddly and were unmarketable. The plan this year is to try planting the SP's on plastic and are planning on using Beaus. We use Steele for our plants - good plants and very reasonable.


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I've only grown Beauregard, I don't want to think about growing SP again without having a backhoe to dig them.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I hate digging them and always break them. I used a pitchfork but then heard a long skinny shovel is best. I am looking forward to trying that. The only thing I like about digging them is that they remind me of a pod of whales surfacing.

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I've tried many, many varieties and can't remember all of them. Georgia Jets, Centennieal, Puerto Rican, Vaardaman, a couple whites, a couple purples, and one named after some local lady. Each is unique and worth testing, but as a market gardener, I am sticking with Beauregard. Others break, crack, and can be frustratingly hard to find as they stray so far from the main plant. It's nice to stick a fork in the hill and know you're on potatoes, not stabbing half the crop.

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another vote for beauregard.they grow, sell and taste great.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Hmm. Thanks. Maybe I will stick with Beauregard only.

I might have to place another order with Sandhill this year because Fedco was out of Odessa Market peppers and High Mowing was out of Nevada lettuce. I didn't even see it in Sandhill at the time. Sandhill is so dang hard to order from. Normally I would call and ask if they could add a couple things before they sent out and add to my credit card. But Sandhill has to have a check mailed to them. I know they are busy but just updating their website a little bit would save them so much time.

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