My grafting experience

kbguess(z5 IA)March 31, 2008

I am a novice, but wanted to share my experience with grafting. I tried 5-6 last summer and had one take, not a great percentage, but I hope to improve it this year.


Oct 06 collect seed

Dec 06 seeds germinating & potted into individual pots

Dec-Aug 07 grow under metal halide in basement

Aug 07 graft side veneer using single edge razor and polyfilm, (scion and understock bagged for about 8 weeks)

Nov 07-Feb 08 outside then into garage for dormant period

Feb 08 back under MH light

Below is my one survivor. This is 15 months after planting the seed. Cultivar is A. shirasawanum 'garden glory'

The cost per successful graft only about $300 in electricity :()


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kbguess(z5 IA)

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