Planting "Bloodgood" near retaining wall

dwpc(8a - N Arizona)March 30, 2013

I need to plant a Bloodgood close to a 5 ft high cement block retaining wall. The tree will be in the raised area) The container is 18" dia,(15 gal.) so I could go as close as 9" but I don't want to have a problem with the wall later. The garden space is somewhat tight and I want to have as much clearance between the tree and patio as I can get to allow for growth. I note that the established pyracantha, junipers, and nandina in this raised area that were planted right against the wall years ago by the previous owner are large and healthy.

2nd question; should I do any pruning on the Bloodgood now (it's just leafed out) or wait until next winter?

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Do I understand you to say the 'Bloodgood' will be planted on top of the retaining wall? If so, the consideration of how successful that might be will based on the strength and structural integrity of the wall.

Otherwise, planting the tree close to the wall is not a problem - you just want to make sure nothing really obstructs the topgrowth or canopy spread.

Generally JM's require minimal pruning, especially when newly planted. You may need to thin gently as time goes on and can remove dead wood at any time or conflicting branching. It would really help to see a photo to determine if any pruning is needed at this time.

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dwpc(8a - N Arizona)

Thanks. The wall has been in place 30+ years and, until Friday, there was a tree-sized pyracantha in the spot where the maple will go.

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