Crimson Queen JM didn't drop leaves

shelli563(zone 6 MA)March 19, 2009

I planted a JM Crimson Queen last summer and noticed that it never dropped its leaves in the fall or winter. They just dried up on the tree and stuck there all winter.

Is this typical? I suppose they will fall off when new leaves start to emerge?



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It can happen. Those old ones will drop off before the new ones come completely out. If you find the old ones unsightly, you may knock them off. That can be time-consuming though especially if they do not come off easily at a touch. It's up to you.
All systems are normal.

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All systems are normal.

Maybe, maybe not. There are diseases and other issues that can befall JM's that will result in their holding on to old foliage. Insufficient irrigation in the summer after planting or before it entered dormancy can be factor. The only way to be sure that all systems are normal is to remove the old foliage and check the buds - they should be swelling nicely about now and if in a protected location, you might even see signs of flowers beginning to emerge. If you see indications of either, you're in good shape. If not, give it more time but I might begin to get concerned, especially if buds are not plump and healthy looking.

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shelli563(zone 6 MA)

I noticed another Lace Leaf JM (looks like crimson queen) in my neighborhood today and it also did not drop its leaves over the winter. That one looks much older than mine, but mine was bought quite mature as well.

Snow is just about gone where I am, so I can't imagine I would see leaf buds already...probably some time in April I would imagine.

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I am in SF Bay Area, and the same thing happened to me. None of the Laceleaf Japanese Maple I got dropped their leaves on their own. I had to painfully pull them out, as they dont look too good with dried leaves.

Even when the new leaves are coming out, some of the old dried leaves still remain. Whether it is crimson queen, viridis or takeyama, select red, they all behave the same here in Bay area.

My guess is that the fall and winter is too temperate here, as the tree when shipped from Oregon do not have this condition.

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Does it mean anything, as in the leaves didn't get the chance to fall off normally? Sometimes you see JM with the dead leaves, sometimes not. New planted trees seem to have this problem more often, some leaves can turn kinda brown and just hang there instead of the better color phase.

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