whats wrong with these maples

clancy87(8)March 25, 2014

I have around 6 2 to 3ft UK's I planted in my garden last year. The other four are planted beside each other in a raised bed. The other 2 a katsura and a butterfly bush are planted in a normal bed. The two I mentioned started to leaf out about a month ago and we're looking great, but now the leafs to me look like they are dying back and shrivling back up. The others are all coming along great so im stumped to what's going on. There in a semi sheltered area and planted in a sandy loan bonsai soil

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Butterfly bush

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How moist is the soil? They could just be drying up as it gets warmer, especially as you have sandy soil in a raised bed. They probably haven't had a chance to put down many roots yet.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The final two pictures are the same.

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Hi sorry was in a bit of a rush when i wrote this post. I will get another couple of photos up soon but as you can see my cameras not the best.

Sorry eibren. I meant to say the ones in the raised bed are fine, its the ones that are just planted in the ground that are dying back. Your right with the roots though, they were not very established when i planted them. I live in Scotland therefore we at least have rain every other day so the soils always moist. The only thing i can really think of is the past week we had a couple of days bad morning frost the sun all day. could it be they have been sun scorched.

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Bad morning frost would do it, particularly if it got down to mid 20s F...

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Yeah its frost damage. Seeing it all over now, everything's growing to early because its really mild here. I have 5 different maples and 20 seedlings growing about 2 meters away from these 2 and all of them are fine. I am baffled. Anyways thanks again for your help guys.

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