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beverlymnz4June 7, 2014

So I donated some hosta to the hosta society sale, because I need some room. I really made an effort to present good hosta with good roots and wanted to see if they were purchased. When I went back to see if they were sold...

I bought the following:

Minnesota Wild
Roy Khlem
Razor's Edge.

My sister bought
American Icon
Jack of Diamonds
Lakeside Baby Face.

I would like to hear from anyone growing these, what conditions they have them in and how well do they seem to be doing. If one of these 6 were to be a stand alone hosta as a focal point, which one would it be?

Any experience or observation is appreciated,

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Hi Bev,
The only one of the three you bought that I have is Roy Klehm. He's doing fine in a bed with root competition. I have him situated on the northern side.

Jack of Diamonds is doing well in another bed and gets mostly shade. I see him as a smaller Frances Williams with no edge burn.

Hope you get a reply from someone who has all six.

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Thank you irawon, I know I've seen Roy Klehm in a Wisconsin garden, but I can't remember if it was flat and wide or more upright and mounding. The hosta library says upright, so I'm going with that.


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As a standalone hosta, Jack of Diamonds gets my vote. (Tokoduma flavocircinalis is sposed to be a look-a-like to JOD.) I have both because I'm a sucker for that color combination & bought them before I knew about the look-alike hostas. Both are still teenagers in my garden. JOD from Green Mtn in 2012 and TokoF from a 2011 TC, IIRC.

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Jack of Diamonds will take some sun in Minnesota.


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Incidentally, Bev, if you are looking for Razor's Edge you won't find it in the "R" of Hosta Library. It is THE RAZOR'S EDGE.
It was the first hosta which succumbed to southern blight back in 2012, and I replaced it. A great plant. I now have mine planted in the middle of a tub full of Verna Jean and it is doing great. It will have lots of scapes with purple flowers.

This is what mine looks like now.

I have a theory that the dense growth at the crown restricted air flow and that is why my first one had southern blight. Keep an eye out for little pale orange balls like Osmocote time release fertilizer down near the crown. It can kill a hosta in one day. It attacks other plants besides hosta. My DH has it on his tomato plants now, just as they are beginning to ripen.

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Cilantro, thanks for the color information on JD.
Paul, good to know that it can take some sun.
Nice picture Mocc, I will keep an eye out for blight in my garden. Air circulation is a problem in my small yard.


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Gesila(MI Z5)

My Jack of Diamonds and Roy Klehm are next to each other. Both get sun from mid afternoon until 8 pm. Don Rawson (who is in the same zone as me) grows his Jack of Diamonds in full sun.

Jack of Diamonds

Roy Klehm, the chipmunks are always taking down stalks of my uprights:


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