Weird Maple leaves

thebonsaimarketMarch 21, 2008

My maple was growing beatiful new growth for spring but i noctied recently that the leaves look weird and the growth just stopped, anyone now why, or what type of bug is causeing this and how to heal it. I have links to the photes below.

Pic 1

Pic 2

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I'm no insect or disease expert, but it reminds me of damage from lacebugs...but they generally only attack rhododendron species and azaleas from what I know. I have also seen mite damage that looks similar to this, but I'm not convinced it is insect damage. I would lean more towards nutrient difficiency on this one. There's a chance its some type of fungus, but I haven't seen one that leaves quite that type of damage. Sorry I guess I'm not much help but maybe this will narrow things down a bit.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I also do not think it is insects ...I would tend towards nutricional but in the opposite.... fertilizer and/or sun damage or possible spray drift on the second could be a deficency as Matt says ..but not likely on a young plant like that one this early in the season IMHO but others will know much more than I..David

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