Sowing of sugar snaps -first time growing them

abzzybee(9/10 S. Florida)November 11, 2012

I bought some sugar snaps seeds to grow for the first time. I'd like to grow them in containers. Do I sow them in small pots first and then transplant? I will be using a seed starter mix initially and then into well mixed potting mix with a little extra small granular fertilizer mixed in. The pots are about 8 gallons. I figured 1 plant per pot or maybe 2 if I use the small growing variety. I'm exited to try this, I do we'll with ornamental plants and micro salads, herbs, citrus, mango but so far have only grown tomatoes and eggplant for veggies. I am in South Florida and hope to get a yummy crop! Any tips will be gratefully received!

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nanelle_gw(9/Sunset 14)

I have grown sugar snaps, usually "super sugar snap" vines because they take less space and produce longer. Those grow pretty tall, and I am not sure how you would trellis in pots, but I don't think the roots would be much of a problem in a pot.This fall I might try "sugar daddy" which is a bush type. I pre sprout (google "the baggie method) or at least pre soak, and grow November through about May here, because it is cooler and moister. Same there?

I think you might want to add some "innoculant" if you are growing in pots. I don't remember the details, but it's something that is sometimes, but not always present in true soil. Potting soil is not true soil.

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abzzybee(9/10 S. Florida)

Thank you for answering, Nanelle. I'll follow your advice on sprouting them, looks fairly easy and sure fire method of getting germination. I may amend my mix with perhaps a 5th or so potting soil to insure the stuff they need is present for the roots to take advantage of. And yes, here it too is cooler from November to April/May though dry as this is our dry season. But I hand water all my potted plants 2x a day anyways, it's part of my routine and I like it, actually. I do have the super sugar snaps as well as sugar daddy and 2 other kinds I bought last week to try. I hope to grow enough to to eat and give away the excess to friends.

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They can get pretty big, mine are exploding. Need a good strong trellis for these.

Here is a link that might be useful: DFW Gardener

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