Volunteer TLC Garden- pics!

cheerpeopleJune 16, 2005

I've only been gardening for the past 3 years...

Last year I was asked to volunteer to install a

garden in a weed patch in front of our small town

library. The librarian thought of me because I'm the

only one to check out the gardening books!

So after sketching some ideas in water color I met

with the board( not a comfortable roll for me!) who

approved a very small budget of $200 for plants soil

amendments...tools... the whole kit and caboodle.

Then I mustered up the courage to ask for help and

donations (not a comfortable roll for me) and I wanted

you to see the garden that resulted.

A former patient offered to help me with my first trip

to the back lot at Menards and haul the bricks, and a

current patient, with arm in a sling! helped me with

my first retaining wall. A retired libarian brought a

small rototiller, and several stores coughed up some


The top two pics are last year and the bottom is a

recent pic. - No I'm not in the pics- I'm taking


It truelly is a garden that TLC built and hopefully an

easy keeper for years to come.


Here is a link that might be useful: garden

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I tried to see your pictures but when I clicked on the link given I got a page that said "Your Yahoo session has expired"

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Very nice!
If you click on her member page, then webpage, you'll see the link for the library photo. Great job :)
(I don't know if this will work to carry the photo over from webshots)...

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thx dicentra!

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