Tiny avocados are dropping

jmmedeiros(z9USA,CALIFORNI)June 29, 2010

Hello Members,

I have a robust 14 feet high Mexicola Grande tree.It has been producing in the last 4 years. The crop keeps increasing each year goes by. Last crop I had 50 avocados. This tree has been in backyard 8 years and is growing fast.

This year I suspect I am going to have less fruits.The year as far as rain has been a great year.We can prove that with the reservoirs levels in Santa CLara County. Since the fruit starte forming we have not had wind storms that would knock down the tiny fruits. After the flowering was over I noticed large number of tiny fruits forming. For some reason large number of fruits just dropped. I wonder what are the possible causes for this to happen. I appreciate any info on what might be causing this. Thank you for your info. Jaime

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Could be several things. Many fruit trees often set more fruit that the tree can possibly support, dropping some eases the stress on the plant.
A sudden spike in heat can trigger fruit drop as can water stress. There are nutritional reasons for fruit drop but your tree sounds healthy. Poor pollination can also result in fruit drop.
Is there still a good amount of fruit on the tree?

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Yes.There is still a good amount of fruit there.But I expect the crop to be higher than last year.Facts will prove. The caliper trunk size at base currently is about 4 feet.I doubt it is heat stress or water stress,this year the temps have been quite consistenly low compared to last year.In the spring we had good rain.This has been a great year for rain.Most reservoirs aroun here are full.
So I do not see reason for drought which causes stress.

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