thanks to all who read both my messages

littlevioletJune 27, 2006

Thanks to all who tried to identify my plant. It's not glory bower unless there's a bower with light purple, lavender flowers...mine has no red, no orange, no yellow. NEW ITEM: At night the flowers smell faintly like honeysuckle. They do not have a fragrance during daylight hours. The leaves have edges that look like they were cut with pinking shears.

yes, I know I posted 2 messages. I posted 1 and got a msg that said my msg didn't go thru. So, I did another msg. When I checked all the msgs in this forum, surprise, surprise, I had 2 messages posted. I notified "contact us" of my error so they could delete 1 msg. they didn't. end of story.

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Your third post will stay at the top of the list till someone responds which is what I am doing.

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Just wondering if you got your plant ID'd.


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