Beni komachi and Beni Maiko

nikkie_in_torontoMarch 31, 2007

Can someone tell me the main differences between Beni Komachi and Beni Maiko??? I saw a few nice larger ones at a local nursery, obviously they were not leafed out, but I just wanted to get some opinions on these and anyones experience or preferences??? While I'm at it, I did pick up a Shindeshojo which I had been looking for... How do the komachi and maiko compare to shindeshojo as far as spring color...??? Thanks.

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I'd personally go with the 'beni maiko', but I've only seen one 'beni komachi' and it wasn't during the prime spring color. I haven't compared them side by side but I would still say 'beni maiko'. I think 'beni maiko' may be closer to 'shin deshojo', but I also have not compared it side by side either. In my opinion 'shin deshojo', beni maiko', and 'chishio improved' are probably the brightest commmon pink/reds that you will see in spring.

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Beni maiko has larger leaves that are shaped like a traditional JM, and they are bright red in the spring, turning to green. Beni komachi has smaller, narrower leaves than a typical JM, almost dwarf in appearance. The leaves are not as bright red in the spring, but retain much of their reddish color through summer. I like Beni komachi because it is very unique in appearance with its small, narrow leaves. It is also rather twiggy. Shin deshojo is supposed to have more intense red color than either of these in the spring. It turns greenish during summer, but new growth is red. Of the three, I have Shin deshojo in my yard and it's one of my favorite JMs.

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