eurasian milifoil and curly pondweed

artichuck(Z4 Denver)June 6, 2005

Family has been going to a lake in MI. that is infested with these fine little buggers. Every year they spend about 40k to treat the weed so the lake can handle boats and swimers. Any ideas to an organic way to treat the lake and stop the scurge? Lake is surrounded on the high side by farms, there is a large area of reeds and swamps between farms and lake.

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Possibly some sort of animal would eat them--in my experience ducks will eat almost any kind of nonpoisonous green. Geese would be even better.

Then people will complain about their lawns....

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gardenmaker79(zone 4/5)

I live in MI. we are having more and more weeds in seveal of the lakes here. I agree with eibren ducks or geese might help but then people would not like how there lawns were or the dodo the animals leave behind. Its something that is being tackled regularly in MI so dont feel bad when you come to visit becouse the people who live here deal with it all summer. I wish the nasty weeds would go away becouse when I was younger I remember the beauty of the lakes/rivers/pounds now I dont care to swim in them becouse of the weeds.

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