Age demographics?

celosia92June 4, 2014

I know this is a bizarre question but its something I'm curious about and cannot find the answer to anywhere on the internet. Anyway, I am still somewhat young adult (22 yrs) and am very interested in signing up for Master Gardeners. Just wondering what the age group is usually like in these classes.... I have a (most likely false) preconception that 22 is a rather young age to do something like this.

Thanks in advance for your responses, I really do appreciate it.

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In our county the Master Gardeners range from about your age to way past retirement. The majority are middle age or older. Why don't you check with your local office of Cooperative Extension and see what the age spread is like in your area.


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napapen(ca 15)

Age is not a requirement. The ability to do workshops, work the help desk and attend meeting is. I think it is harder for people who are working and starting a family but if you have the time go for it. Penny

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I agree with Penny, if you have both the interest and the time, and are willing to put up with all or almost all of your classmates being about the age of your folks, go for it. I joined after retirement and remained active and loving it until I was 80. Al

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