Mighty Mouse anomaly?

paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)June 16, 2014

Mighty Mouse has grown two completely gold leaves - has this happened to anyone else? Is it 'reverting'? Doesn't reverting usually go from white to green or is it whatever the original plant was, be it green, blue, gold? - in this case wouldn't that be Blue Mouse Ears?
Ideas and comments welcome. Tx

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windchime2011 MA_Z6a

Hi There Paula, Yours is not the only Mighty Mouse doing "the change". Mine has for 2 years now. I look at it like eventually I'll have my own Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears, if I just hold on a little longer. So, it doesn't bug me at all. I'm sure experts will log on and tell you some REAL science!! All I can say is that hostas regularly sport and throw variations. So I've read on here....

Some folks say a couple of leaves isn't conclusive of anything. Some might say if it's an entire eye of the hosta going to gold, then you could separate it off (and replant if desired) so it may not cause the whole plant to go wonky.

Again, I'm no Hosta Whiz, but I thought I'd give you my 2-cents. Most of which I've learned on here. See what other folks say. I'll post a pict of mine if I can figure out how to! Good luck! --Windchime

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Hey Windchime, What a beautiful Mighty Mouse with the gold leaves . Your plant might push me into getting one of those simply because I like that yellow and gray green combo. Some similarity to the June family colors.

Of course, Blue Mouse Ears sported from Blue Cadet, which was registered by Aden in 1974. Unless its mysterious past is among those tracked to its real originator, the trail stops there.

I sure do like the Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears (a hybrid) this would look really great......and they don't take up much room, that's for sure! :)

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Your Mighty Mouse is mighty pretty!

I bought a Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears last year and it wasn't golden at all, it was definitely green. It didn't survive the winter so I have another one, now.
I really like the idea of gold but it Mighty Mouse keeps going, looks like I will have a gold one anyway :)

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

That's a sport, not a reversion. Mighty Mouse came from Blue Mouse Ears, so Mighty Mouse can only revert to Blue Mouse Ears, not others in the line. Wouldn't be a Giantland Mouse Ears, either, as that's a hybrid from Blue Mouse Ears and Abiqua Drinking Gourd. This is a totally different sport of Mighty Mouse, Mighty Mouse only has two known sports, according to the hosta library and neither are yellow, so you have an all-new sport on your hands. Congrats!

The question is, is it stable? Only time will tell. Once a whole eye has changed to this new variation, you can split it off or wait until it takes over the whole hosta, up to you. It may disappear and you never see it again. A lot of variation on what could happen. Patience is a virtue.

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My yellow sport of one the variegated Mouse Ears - I just can't remember which one - withered away after being separated from mom. If it stabilizes, don't be in a rush to separate it. Let it stay on as long as you can to ensure a good root system. I hope you both have great luck with them. I would love to be able to add such a plant to my garden one day.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Really?! You think I have a sport from Mighty Mouse? That is very exciting.
I also thought it couldn't be a reversion due to its heritage because there isn't too much gold in the line that I know of.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Paula, it looks like there's some variation on that third leaf that is right under the gold leaf on the right, as well. And is that another gold one at 1:00, up under?

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

I noticed that, too. It looks a bit like a stripe. When I get home, I will check.

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