2 questions (ID maple and is it too late to repot?)

crizq0March 20, 2013

So this is my mom's maple that she probably purchased probably close to 10 yrs ago from a local nursery. I was wondering if you guys can ID what kind of maple is it. It is about 5 ft tall and just leafed out in the past week here in the bay area, CA. Is it a kamagata?

I understand the roots are very sensitive and wanted to know if it is also too late to repot to separate the plants? I want to have this maple in it own pot and not shared by another plant. If not, I can always wait till next year.


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Nevermind that, it probably isn't Kamagata. Definitely not a dwarf. According to vertree's, an 8 yr plant would be 3 ft tall.

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So I decided not to repot till early next season since the maple was leafing. But something interesting with the way this maple is leafing. Half the tree, the leaves are furled up and the other half looks nice luscious green. Is this normal? I'm going to assume the other plant that is sharing the pot is probably affecting the roots on that side of the tree.

Right side looks good and left side looks furled below.

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First of all That is an Okushimo on the left which is your desired cultivar and the basic acer rootstock on the right. Personally I would cut off the non-furled tree on the right (standard Jap. Acer rootstock) leaving just the okushimo. Wait until next winter seperate that jade plant out of the pot so it can get over having over half of it's foliage removed. Okushimo is a vase shaped upright that gets pretty tall but containerized it will stay relatively short. The curled leaves are not only normal but desirable on this one. That's what gives it character. Just get rid of the dime a dozen acer rootstock tree that is taking over.

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