Apios Americana (groundnut)

wild_foragerNovember 26, 2010

Well, I harvested my apios for the third year, and I'm a little dissapointed. I used a bigger container, with more sunlight, and my tubers are smaller. Granted I have more of them than usual, but I suspect that the older a mother tuber gets the more it devotes energy to itself. The mother tubers have grown a fair amount, though honestly I forgot to measure at the beginning. Also, it was hard to track down (in the mess of roots) which mother tubers produced which offspring since I had quite a few sharing the contianer. It may be that my soil was bad or oversaturated with mother tubers. Also, I was using potting mix a few years old. Anyways, I'll be trying again next year with hopefully some more insight into this nifty legume.

Considering all that 'abuse', I'd say they turned out pretty well.

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I had some seeds that might have been from an apios, and planted them this spring. When dug the area up this fall, found two very tiny strings of tiny tubers about a quarter of an inch long. I wonder if those were apios. I didn't see any vines, they must have been very small plants. Maybe because the area dried out more than expected. Replanted them in another container with less drainage. Will see what happens next year.

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