scarlet runners still on vine

noinwiNovember 2, 2011

I have a question about my SRBs that are still on the vines. I've been picking the browned pods for next year's seed, but there are still quite a few fat green pods hanging on even though the vines are dying. Do I still wait until they're brown, or can I pick them and let them mature inside? The vines are next to the building, so they haven't had a hard freeze yet(the weather's been unusually mild), but it's going to happen before too long. TIA

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Since no one has answered I'll give you my best guess. I have recently had a bunch of runner beans sprout in the compost heap from beans I threw on there. They were overgrown and tough, so no good for eating, but they were still green. Therefore I think your over mature green beans would probably grow even if you picked them before they go brown and dry.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I would definitely strip the vines before heavy frost. Otherwise, before picking,I try to wait until the pod is thinning, I feel it near the stem and see if it still feels fleshy or not. I have enough for seed so I'm eating them as shellies. But I agree, if the seeds are mature size they are likely to dry fine for growing, I let the pods dry somewhat indoors before shelling. The fleshy podded seeds I've picked sometimes look a little immature.

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Thank you both. I picked them all since we had temps in the 20s predicted. Some of the pods were indeed thinning and I shelled the beans. They looked mature but weren't as glossy as the fully mature ones. I set them in a shallow bowl to finish drying. The thicker green pods I just set in a basket to see if they will mature and dry. If not, I can toss them as I have plenty of seed for next year already.

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They will dry faster in the bowl if you put a small fan on them.

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