How many MGs in your county?

leaveswave(.)July 16, 2005

There's about 250 in mine. (Bet you can guess what city I live near!)

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We're just outside of Richmond VA and we average around 100 MGs. Our class each year is only 20 students and we seem able to maintain that number easily.

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Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone, OK? We have only nine active MGs at this time, but we're all over the place and it looks like there are many more of us. We had no classes last year and are hoping to recruit a whole bunch this year. If you promise not to tell, we're in Greene County, PA.

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gardenmaker79(zone 4/5)

Ok now I now how many master gardeners there are in my county. I was totally saprise by the number when I emailed my local extention office to ask. I just had to find out the answer. There is a total of 5 thats so unreal to me! I also asked how long they have been holding classes. That too saprised me with the few master gardeners we have. They have been holding these class since 1994. Thats over 10 years with only 5 Master Gardeners. Three of these are from my class that graduated in Jan,2005. I hope that I have what it takes to keep my master gardener for a life time. Its something I enjoy and would love to keep it!!!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Currently we have about 300 actively participating. Sandy

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Clark County, Washington has nearly 400 Master Gardeners, and at least 60 potential MGs take the classes each year. Some, of course, are not real active.

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PoPazza(Sunset 16 CA)

We have about 80 in our county. The Cooperative Extension here has decided to have a class only every other year from now on. We get about 30 new ones every year.

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