crates for plants

hedwig(QLD Brisbane)February 2, 2006

I'm starting out, transplanting and sowing and trabnsplanting and sowing...

I have lots of this small but tall pots, some bigger ones and I would like to put them together in crates. First the handling is easier second I have to ensure that the brush turkeys, possums and other animals are not playing with my plants.

I search a real CHEAP method. What do you use (perhaps with photo that ios easier to understand)

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I use the black plastic totes sold as "bulb crates" - look for them through any large bulb wholesaler. Around here you can find them for $6 (US). This year I am taking some of my older crates and cutting out the bottoms flush with the side walls, this way I can snap this modified crate onto a regular crate to extend its walls (the crates lock into place one on top of another).

They are very tough. I grow out the plants in pots sitting in the crates. On market day I simply remove any less than perfect plants and stick in a replacement - this makes loading very easy. I also sell directly from the crate at the market - this save time.

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hedwig(QLD Brisbane)

hi trianglejohn,
thanks for answering! What are bulb crates? Crates for plant bulbs?? They are sold by nursery suppliers?
(you shurely recognized that english is not my mother tounge)

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I think that if you google "bulb crate" you can find a catalog with pictures. They are black plastic open top boxes. The walls and bottom are perforated and ribbed, sort of like coarse rigid mesh. They are used to transport flower bulbs. Some commercial flower growers actually grow out their plants in the bulb crate filled with media. The best feature is that they stack on top of each other and sort of lock into place. They aren't the prettiest thing around but very functional.

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You may be able to get those bulb crates from a perennial plant grower in your area. Free or at a very reduced rate.

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The bulb crates are like milk crates.

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hedwig(QLD Brisbane)

milk crates - a very good idea! Do you use them? And were do you get them?

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