Heirloom Lima Bean

theodosiaunderwoodNovember 8, 2012

A dear friend and neighbor grew these beans and saved the seeds since some time before World War II. After his death, we were unable to find any of the seed he'd saved. Two years ago, I found two beans in a drawer. One of the two germinated and produced a crop. I replanted those seeds this year and got the crop that is pictured.

The varietal name is long since forgotten, but they look somewhat like pictures I've seen of Jackson Wonder. They done well here in zone 5 (northern Indiana) for many years. They are a bush bean.

Does anyone have any idea what these might be? Ultimately, I'm hoping to get them in a few more hands so they aren't in danger of dying out again, especially since George saved them diligently for those many years.


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There are so many kinds of beans but these look almost identical to the lima beans that I raised this year and they are Jackson Wonder. Some of the ones in the picture look like they have a little more yellow/gold color unless its the light.


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hementia8(8 MS)

They look very simular to Jackson Wonder to me

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