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gabbygardnerJune 18, 2012

I have a little tiny plant that grew this year, in a spot where I had taken out a hosta last fall. I am not sure what it is, as it doesn't look exactly like any of my other plants.

I don't fully understand the process of "sports" so I am not sure of what I have. I don't know if that even applies, as the concept confuses me. I assume it has something to do with hybridization. Please educate me:):)!!

Here it is.....

It is in rough shape, aside from being small, as I didn't know it was out there and didn't protect it from Spring freezing. I had about 5 plants that grew up where I had moved some plants last year. What a surprise for me when I went to ready my raised beds this Spring!!!

Thanks a million.....


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what plant did you remove from this spot?
"Sporting" is when mutation occurs in a hosta...
DNA and all that fancy stuff is changing... cause the plant to have different coloration or shape, size, growth rate...etc....
A "sport" is when a hosta eye/eyes mutate into something different and becomes mostly stable...its usually divided from the clump and grown to see if its truly stable...

Its different from hybridization... which is placing the pollen from one plant(father)... onto the pistil of another plant(mother)... let the plant seed, and then grow the seeds... maybe you get something interesting... maybe you don't....

Since you removed an entire hosta from this spot... I would blame it on the gnomes...


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Could be a seedling... thinking maybe if we knew what hosta you moved... and it had viable seeds... could be a volunteer, naturally made seedling or hybrid... I'm thinking you won't really get a name for this one lol...

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Reminds me of Whirlwind.


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Reminds me of Whirlwind also

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Well, I have no idea which of the plants this came up by, or at least by where I had removed them from. I had purchased several small hosta from the local nursery at a "late fall" sale. I moved them last fall, but have no idea which was which from that long ago.

I don't have Whirlwind, at least that I am aware of. I do have several hosta still unidentified from "before hosta craziness" set in.

This disease is definitely contagious!!

So, I guess I will wait until it grows up a bit more and see if we can find out who it is;)

Thanks a bunch!!


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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

It's 'Whirlwind' alright....

Wait, a couple of other people already said that, don't wanna sound like a broken record....


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No broken record- I wonder if is just one of the plants I "rescued" and it just didn't do well until this spring?

Cool idea;)


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